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Why In Home Care

With more and more seniors making the decision to stay in the comfort of the homes they live in while receiving care, the question arises, why is this becoming so popular?

What is driving this trend and shaping it into the viable standard senior care option of the near future?  Follow us as we explore this and other topics in another Serengeti Care blog!

In-home senior care and home health are an alternative to assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, nursing homes, and other types of senior residential housing options. Forcing a loved one to uproot from their home and community and reside in a completely new environment often causes many negative effects – both physically and mentally. Here are a few reasons why in home care is such a great option.

  • In home care is personal.   Your loved one receives direct, personalized care depending on her/his immediate needs. Serengeti Care also has an RN on call, allowing us to tailor the plan of care together as often as needed. From light housekeeping to wound care and hospice, we have you covered. No more paying for unnecessary services month after month.
  • In home care is safe.  Safety is the number one reason for in-home care. Safety equipment installed in the home makes it safer for seniors to remain there. Grab bars, walkers, wheel chairs, non-slip carpets, and other safety devices help keep your loved one safe. Individuals who assist with housekeeping chores can help keep pathways clear and uncluttered. They can make sure your loved one remains clean and gets the proper nutrition.
  • In home care enhances Quality of Life.  Seniors that remain in their home are far more likely to be active and maintain a higher level of independence. Our caregivers assist with everyday activities and needs, and maintain outing schedules. A balanced,
  • robust schedule  does wonders for your aging loved one. In addition, seniors who make the choice for in home care generally have more family involvement.

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