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Why In Home Care

With more and more seniors making the decision to stay in the comfort of the homes they live in while receiving care, the question arises, why is this becoming so popular?

What is driving this trend and shaping it into the viable standard senior c… Read More

Cyber Crime Affecting The Elderly, Part 2

As we continue our investigation into the rising risk of fraudulent crime against seniors, it has led us to the topic of Telemarketing Fraud. The risk of you or your loved being a target is exceptionally higher in recent years, as fraudsters have bec… Read More

Cyber Crime Is Affecting The Elderly

Are you or someone you love a senior citizen? Chances are that you are a target of cyber crime.

With cyber crime on the rise, many seniors are at risk of becoming a victim of fraud. Why should you be aware of this? What steps can you take to preve… Read More

Men’s Health Awareness Month

June 11th to the 17th is Men’s Health and Cancer Awareness Week. It is a time to raise awareness for men’s health and the ways that men can be more proactive in leading healthier lives!

On average, men are less healthy than women, have shorter… Read More

The Gift of Caring

Not just anyone can be a great caregiver.  It is rare to meet someone who extends their unwavering support, relentless motivation and dedication to lift others, but these superhumans exist! And we are glad that some of them have found their way to t… Read More

Prepare for Care: For First -Time Caregivers Guide

You’ve recently found yourself responsible for the care of a loved one. Maybe you’ve been anticipating this for your aging mom, or a sudden accident leaves your husband unable to carry out his normal daily activities.  Each circumstance comes wi… Read More

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